B/W copies & prints

In our spacious self-service area you can copy or print out your documents yourself. Simply report to the cash desk before you start and we will allocate you a machine.

To print out, you can connect your USB stick, mobile hard drive, SD card or CD to our computer or log in to your e-mail inbox or cloud account, open your files as usual and print them out at the copier.

Please note that Office files, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, may be shifted, so that the desired result is not achieved. We therefore recommend that you only print from PDF or image files to avoid errors.

Please also note that you should always check the preview in the print settings and if necessary make a sample copy before printing several copies. If you are unsure about the settings, we will be happy to help you. After the printing is finished, you will be billed according to the counter reading, which is located at the cash register.

Our b/w copies and prints are produced in DIN A4 on 75 g/m² and in DIN A3 on 80 g/m² paper.
You can also use 100 g/m² double coated paper for the b/w documents by copying or printing on the colour laser copier. The surcharges are listed in the prices below.


B/W copies & prints

1 - 99 
from 100 
from 300 
from 500 
from 1.000
(on 100 g/m²)
0,15 €
0,09 €
0,08 €
0,07 €
0,06 €

+ 0,10 €
0,30 €
0,18 €
0,16 €
0,14 €
0,12 €

+ 0,20 €
PC-fee for B/W-printing (once):  0,50 €

B/W Large format Copies (1:1)

3,00 €
6,00 €
9,00 €

B/W Large format Copies (Scaling)

DIN A4/A3/A2/A1 <> DIN A2 
DIN A4/A3/A2/A1 <> DIN A1 
DIN A4/A3/A2/A1 <> DIN A0
4,50 €
7,50 €
10,50 €
Prices incl. VAT. Price changes, typing errors and errors in general reserved. Pictures are exemplary.

Copyshop Zentrale
Adalbertstr. 43
80799 München
Mo.-Fr.: 9:00-18:00
Sa.: closed
089 271 23 13
089 271 23 95
Copyshop Zentrale
Adalbertstr. 43
80799 München
Mo.-Fr.: 9:00-18:00 
Sa.: closed
Copyshop Zentrale
Adalbertstr. 43
80799 München
Mo.-Fr.: 9:00-18:00 
 Sa.: closed
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